Friday, December 30, 2011

Blog B'Day and party snacks

My blog is one year old :) I can't believe it's been a year since I started.

Seems like it was yesterday. :)

Last year I made noodles salad for the New Year's Party.

This time I've made pizza rolls, Caprese salad, cheese sticks and ham rolls.

I've tried to take pictures of everything but, you know, I was rushing through preparations a bit.

 Pizza rolls are just pizza but rolled into a log and cut like cinnamon rolls.
I made pizza rolls for supper a couple of weeks ago - they're pretty easy to make and I think they would freeze really well. 

Caprese salad - mozzarella and tomatoes, but no basil. Instead I mix a bit of olive oil with pesto and pour over salad.

Cheese sticks - out of this recipe or just use store-bought puff pastry, brush it with egg wash and cover with grated cheese.
You can twist the strips of pastry with cheese before baking to make them look nice and swirly :)

Ham rolls - some ham (big slices), cream cheese, chives, black pepper, sweet paprika, pickles (optional).
This is an appetizer that comes together really quick. You could add some chopped olives or finelly chopped bell peppers.

I'll post separate recipes for these snack after the weekend.

 Have an amazing party today 
a very lucky, healthy, sweet and delicious New Year 2012!

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