Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coraline cookies

 I was baking Mazurek just before Easter and was left with some of the shortcrust. Well, I didn't throw it out obviously. :)

For some time now I was looking for an opportunity to make Coraline cookies. Have you watched the film or read the book? It's an amazing and scary read. The film is great too. 

When I first saw the button cookies on Pinterest I was like: "So cool!" 

And, come to think of it, the basic shortcrust I used for mazurek is the perfect recipe for Coraline cookies.

 It's sweet and crumbly enough, but holds together quite ok.

See for yourselves - it's extremely easy to make.

Coraline cookies aka Button cookies

Ingredients and cooking instructions - see my recipe for basic shortcrust.

Omit the part about putting the dough into a baking tin. 

Instead cut out circles with a small glass. 

Then make an imprint on the circle with a slightly smaller glass. 

Finally, make button holes with a straw or, as in my case, a dismantled pen. :)

And bake in 200*C for 5 minutes. This will depend on how thick your cookies are. Mine were pretty thin so 5 minutes was enough for the dough to bake.

And mind you, 5 minutes sharp. I left first batch for 6 minutes and they burned, so yeah 5 minutes!

Don't let the Other Mother get you!

 PS. yes, this is a splatter shield under the cookies. I don't own anything even remotely resembling a cooling rack and the shield was lying around unused so...

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