Monday, April 18, 2011

Easter and a bit about Xmas :)

Easter's coming and well I start feeling a bit festive :)

You know how people make this competition about Xmas and Easter - which one is better and stuff. As I love Xmas and the whole Yule season, you may say I'm a bit biased, but times change and so am I. 

The whole commercial thing going on about Xmas is starting to piss me off. 10 years ago I was coming back home form school on November evening and I could feel something on the air. There was the smell of winter and Xmas in the air. Sadly, I haven't felt it for 5-6 years now. 

I've given it some serious thought - well, it was something that I associated with my childhood and you need to feel the child in you or you'll go mad/sad... I can proudly say I nurture the child in me constantly but there are signs you just can ignore. People are getting older and mature and down to earth. I get older and start to feel it and that's just being almost 26. 

So, I've been thinking about the vanishing Xmas feeling and I'm afraid to lose it. There are times when I feel this little, tiny stab of it and get really excited about it. I'm happy I haven't lost it completely but know that'll happen. I'm putting my own life together, getting married soon and stuff and seriously hope for the feeling to come back when we have kids. 

Magic calls to magic, you see.

I have a different feeling connected with Easter. Actually it's more to do with spring than Easter in itself. And most importantly with my birthday that comes right after Easter this year. I remember swinging on a swing my father build and seeing the field of tulips we used to have in our garden. It was so warm I could wear dresses all the time - you know, the ruffles and polka-dot fabric and pink :) I miss the tulips and (don't tell anyone) sometimes I even miss the ruffles and polka dots :)

And after my birthday, we are just one step away form summer, right? That's also part of my childhood memory - May was just an introduction to proper summer (the one with summer holidays, I mean).

But before we have the sun in it's glory, there's still the spring and Easter to enjoy. I have one memory connected solely with Easter and this is making pysanky (in Polish - pisanki). It's a traditional way of decorating hard-boiled eggs. You may want to look at this post by make someting for some info and pictures about traditional wax painted pysanky. I, on the other hand, will show you how to make "crashanky" (I just made that pseudo-English word up, actually it's spelled kraszanki - in Polish).

Please go here to see my step by step tutorial - how to make Polish Easter eggs kraszanki.

And here's the recipe for a traditional Easter pastry.

Happy Easter!

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