Friday, November 4, 2011

Friday Favs

Where did the week go?

I've been posting my first FF last week and thought (oh, silly  me) I have a whole week to pick my favs.

And look where it got me... I have absolutely no idea what my favourites are this week.

I had to look through my bookmarks and that is hard work mainly because I tend to bookmark everything that strikes my fancy and, boy! there's a lot of pretty things on the Internets :)

On slightly different note, I went shopping yesterday. Let's say my hubby wasn't happy when he saw my loot.

But he doesn't comprehend the appeal and necessity of having cookie molds in the shape of Christmas stockings (cheap!) or cookie cutters (I didn't have a Xmas tree shaped one till yesterday - fate!) or heat resistant glass casserole pan. And, they were all on sale. He shouldn't complain, should he?

cute, right?
I'm a sucker for special offers, discounts and such... I know this is a way of making me buy more things I normally would, but... the stocking molds are soooooo cute! :)

I've been accumulating cookie recipes for some time now and it high time to bake some of them. 
I will bore you with cookies. I'm sorry.

No, I'm not. Seriously, who doesn't like cookies?

But about the favs...

Crochet favs:
  • Corner page keeper is here
  • Crochet hooks holder is here
  • Star flowers are here
  • How to crochet fancy borders - here

Cooking inspirations:

1. Crash Hot Potatoes
For the love of cooking via Pinterest

2. Scottish Shortbread
Baking Bites via Pinterest

 3. Finnish Potato Flat Bread
Scandi Foodie via Pinterest

 4. Cookies and Cream Oreo Bark
Bakers Royale via Pinterest

And these are the things I will try in more or less immediate future.
(for the recipes click the links in captions)

Have a nice weekend!

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