Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday Favs - Independence Day

Hello there!
I'm having a lazy day. My hubby's napping. 

As I mentioned today (11.11) is a national holiday in Poland. It's the Independence Day.

We don't really celebrate it that much - we just put flags up, towns organize some running competitions, concerts etc.

The main benefit is we get a day off of work :) And this year we get to have a long weekend because of that.

Well, we would if K. didn't have to work tomorrow... But still, today we do nothing. :)

This day couldn't come at a better time. I feel wiped out this time of the year.

Some time ago I ordered 2 new cook books. One's the Polish edition of  Nigella Lawson's "How to be a domestic goddess" and the other is a collection of most popular baking recipes from this blog.

I like get my money's worth and I have to say that this time I was somewhat disappointed.

Not by Nigella though.

I don't know about the English edition, but Polish one is stellar. Amazing pictures, pretty good translation and adaptation of the recipes. And what is most important - Nigella's amazing personality and sense of humour.

Also the layout is clear, simple and easy to follow. Fonts are not too elaborate. You get the feeling that the food is the most important thing the whole book focuses on. Shouldn't it be the point?

The thing is slightly different when it comes to "Moje wypieki".
First of all, it's three times thinner than 'domestic goddess'. The quality of paper and layout are good. 

I don't like the ever present flowery motifs and the fact that every picture is framed with a heavy border that takes away its beauty.

Why am I disappointed? They cost the same.

I know that Nigella's got a team of PR people and lots of market research but I also know that "Moje wypieki" could cost half the price if they left out elaborate fonts and flowery picture frames.

And what makes matters worse still is the fact that you have it all (and more) for free on the blog.

I love Dorota's blog. The pictures are amazing. Everything looks delicious and is actually pretty easy to make. And I very much like her writing about baking and life - it's a pity we don't get it in the book.

I hope that the next book will be cheaper :)

Think I'll be posting some of goodness out of Nigella's book soon. :)

 Have a lazy weekend!

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