Thursday, March 3, 2011

poached eggs with smoked salmon - breakfast

A quick post before I start making cinnamon rolls (because of Fat Thursday)

I had this craving for eggs with green onions... and I had to do something with smoked salmon bits (actually they're called "salmon tummies" :))

I've never made poached eggs (I tried but never managed to be more precise) and this was the time to try and succeed (yes I did it!)

So.. you need 2 eggs (or more if you want), some smoked salmon and bread and green onions...

You poach the eggs - there are plenty of tutorials on the Web - I boiled a lot of water in a pan (must be enough to cover the eggs), you crack the shell and put the raw egg in a cup, then when the water is boiling you put the cup into the water and gradually tilt it to release the egg
I don't recommend putting both eggs at the same time, 'cause the yolk tends to "ruffle" and you can't see anything. I formed the egg with a spoon - just prodded it a bit from all sides. If you've done that you're all set.

You chop the green onions, butter some bread and shred some salmon, and you come up with sth like that:

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