Friday, February 18, 2011

Banana cake

This is a banana cake adapted from here  (via here) with some modifications of mine.

It's simple once you get past the roll as I did, thank you Tesco :) and it is truly delicious... not to sweet, just sweet enough for K. to eat half of it when I was at work :)

Unfortunately I didn't manage to take pics of the cake at all stages but once you see the original from the link you'll get it... If you want to do it my way you won't need to do half of it...



1 roll filled with jelly, jam or pudding (if you want to do the roll yourself, please refer to the Cafe Chocolada link above; if you want to take a short cut - buy a ready made roll in a supermarket, a roll already filled with jelly or chocolate pudding filling (as I did)

Cream filling:

1litre milk
2 packs of vanilla pudding (custard powder should work too)
7 tablespoons of AP flour
9 tablespoons of sugar
1cube (200g) of butter in room temp.
6-7 medium sized bananas

Whipped cream topping:

200ml whipping cream (36% or 50% cream)
2-3 tablespoons of powdered sugar (depends on how sweet you like it)
1 teaspoon gelatin powder (needed for the cake to survive for a couple of days)

a spring form 23cm in diameter

How to do it:

First you bake the roll or you buy the roll :) cut the roll into slices 1- 1,5 cm wide and put them on the bottom of the form (if you have enough put them on the sides as well).

To make the cream filling:
Take a glass of milk away and put the rest to boil. Mix the pudding powder, flour and sugar with the glass of milk - do it thoroughly, you don't want any lumps. Pour the mixture into the boiling milk and stir while cooking till it thickens. Cool the pudding.

Mix the butter with a blender till it's fluffy and almost white and then gradually add the pudding. Mix it till it's smooth, no lumps.

Pour a half of the pudding and butter mixture onto the roll slices. Put the bananas onto the mixture (you may need to cut those to fit into the form) and then pour the rest of the pudding on the bananas.

Whip the cream with the sugar. Dissolve the gelatin in a teaspoonful of hot water - stir it till it completely dissolves and leave it to cool (it will take no time). Add the gelatin to the cream and mix. It will immediately start to set so you must be real fast and pour the cream onto the cake.

You may sprinkle the top with some cocoa or any other thing you want. I had some leftover slices of roll and put them on top.

The cake's best after a night in the fridge and I mean it, curb your inner glutton and wait... it's worth it :)

I, at least, did wait :D

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