Friday, February 18, 2011

Yesterday's buns - today's savory supper

It's been some time since my last post but now I have time and I present a little something I made some time ago.
So... if you have some yesterday's (or semi-stale) buns this is a way of utilising them :)

I came up with the idea when we both (I & my fiance) bought buns one day and, being only the two of us, weren't able to eat them up before they went stale... And I'm not a person to throw away food even if it's a bit stale :) (Jeez, it sounds so corny, doesn't it?)

It was obvious we will stuff them with something but I had to look for inspiration and some practical advice and found some in my first cooking book (it's in Polish and about Polish cuisine)

The buns are so easy to make, you can even ask your kids to help as it's so easy :)

So here goes...

You will need:

4 big buns (Kaiser rolls or any other type, not too flat though)
1/3 pack (90g) of feta cheese or similar
1cup of grated and fried mushrooms (explained later)
2 tablespoons of olives (you decide on the amount)
1/3 bar of butter (70g)
100g of sausage (chorizo or any other, I used some local sausage with lots of garlic and pepper)
100g of Gouda or Emmentaler  cheese
some ketchup or sweet-spicy sauce

What you do:
the bun

As I said, it's simple... you hollow the buns but DON'T throw away the inside of the buns - chop it and put into a bowl.
the cavity in the bun

Chop the feta cheese, olives, sausage and put in the bowl as well. Grate mushrooms and fry on butter, cool and mix with the rest. Add ketchup and mix till everything is holding together. Grate Emmental cheese and put aside.

the filling
Now you need to spread liberal amounts of butter in the hollowed buns (all over the cavity :)). Then stuff the buns with the mixture from the bowl but leave some space from the brim.

the butter in the bun

the filling in the bun

Put the buns in the oven and bake for 15-20 minutes (I think 170*C is enough, but I have a electric oven without a scale, so... just don't let it burn) and then switch it off, put Emmental cheese on the buns and leave in the hot oven for cheese to melt. And... eat. They're pretty filling, so I think one bun per average person will be enough... We obviously aren't normal as we ate all of it straight away :)

cheese on baked buns

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