Monday, January 17, 2011

not crafty at all

I've always thought I'm crap at crafts... and I was always right, because I can't sew or knit or draw (you name it) even at gunpoint...  BUT

after this post from gluten-free girl I realised that there is one thing I seriously can do and this is cooking...
I'm not exactly modest here, I know... but it's really difficult for me to ruin a dish (I failed abysmally a couple of times, all right), but the point is - even if it (i.e. the dish) is too salty or too spicy it's somehow ok for me

it seems that the food lives it's own life and if it's meant to be too spicy it will be no matter what you do...
I'm raving I know :)

too much cheap wine with AMAZING Greek salad my fiancé made
not the original salad we ate today, but almost (except for pepper) identical

a good evening is as good as the people you spend it with (even if you're on your own - I always value my alone time the most)

Have a good night!

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