Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Things I'm loving :)

It took more time than I expected initially, but it's all because I started learning how to crochet and it takes so much time (for me, at least) to pull two pieces of yarn together :P

Also, my friend visited us during the weekend and I properly sobered up on Monday (I'm getting older each day, eh...)

And, we've started making some preparations for the wedding (our parents started nagging, you know) which also takes time...

Anyhow,  things I'm loving... Here goes:
Scissor Quirk purple blanket :) (I want to make, if possible)

  1. Crafty people I can spy upon :) Michelle at Scissor Quirk, Mollie at Wild Olive, Gabrielle at The Green Gal, and sooo many others (f.e. Sew Tara)
  2. Crocheted blankets as the one at Scissor Quirk (I like it so much that I started crocheting, gah... me? not crafty me and crocheting, but hey... we'll see )
  3. Scrapbooking - I have no idea how to do it, but it looks so damn cute... 
  4. Purple and grey in all possible configurations
  5. My wedding flowers - freesia!
  6. And... green onions - I can wait to start growing those on my window sill :)
  7. EDIT: I totally forgot about owls! - I always had a thing for owls, so look what I've found - owls in 3D from amazing Jessica
From Botanica Floral Designs
From Stadium Flower's Weblog

Aaand, I almost forgot this:

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